How To Recycle

Let's nourish
Mother Earth too

Meet the

How to recycle?

Life after

Let’s nourish
Mother Earth too.

Done with nourishing ourselves? Then let’s keep the “nutrients” going for our planet. Make it grow greener with every Dutch Lady® beverage carton you recycle. Give these packs a 2nd chance at life. Just remember that they are not rubbish as we know it. But valuable resources that when put together, can make a difference to this place we call home, our lives and that of the generation to come.

Meet the

Our beverage packs
are recyclable.

Push the straw back/ screw the cap back
on to the milk pack before recycling it.

How to

Easy to-dos before placing the beverage packs into the recycling bin.

Tap for
Brik Carton - Portion Pack
Tap for
Brik Carton - Multiserve Pack
Tap for
Plastic Bottle

Life after drink

See how a small effort from you can
bring a new lease of life to waste.


Mixed with water and shredded in a giant blender to separate the materials.

Paper Pulp

Dried and pressed into high quality fibre used for various paper-based products.

Polymers & Aluminium

Combined and pressed into lumbers used to produce panel boards and roof sheets for home-building.