Here at Dutch Lady, we're all for building strong families.

We believe the family is a key pillar of love and support and so we want to champion moments of togetherness between parents and their children from the early years. In fact, many of our farms in Holland are run by farmer families, where the whole family works together every day on the farm. After all, we're not just farmers, we're fathers and mothers first.

And no matter where we get our milk from, we make sure it is filled with nutrients and vitamins such as protein, calcium and vitamin D that help build strong bones and muscles so that the whole family can have the strength and energy to do activities together.

But that's not all. We conducted a South East Asian Nutrition Survey to learn about nutrient deficiencies of kids in this region. This way, we can better understand their nutritional needs. In fact, it is the largest and most extensive survey of its kind to ever be conducted in Southeast Asia.

One of the key findings we had from this survey was that kids in South East Asia tend to be vitamin D deficient. Whilst our milk can provide some Vitamin D, getting some sunlight will help our bodies produce and absorb more Vitamin D. So in Asia, kids should go outdoors and exercise! Afterall, kids should be kids and that means going out to play.

Strong family ties need to be cherished. With our nutritious milk and healthy living mindset, we can help you and your family grow stronger.